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This all started when the founders of 321 Creative Studios LLC son RYCKER was born. He was born with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease (AVSD 2 holes in his heart.) We soon learned Rycker would need open heart surgery. Right before his surgery a friend made us just two shirts saying “I wear Red for Rycker “, with a red heart awareness ribbon in the middle. We would wear these for Rycker during his surgery and recovery at the hospital. Then we started getting requests from his blog community to buy shirts like the ones we had. So that's when we had a friend make us 25 shirts. We kept getting requests for more. People as far as Australia, South Africa, Nepal, Germany, London, Denmark, Hawaii and almost every state. We were amazed at the support, love, and care we received from are Rycker Roo: The ups and Downs #Ryckersheartheroes blog community.                     

We are a differently abled family with a son who is the biggest blessing in our lives, who just happens to rock an extra chromosome and a mended heart.  (hence the name 3 of the 21st chromosome = 321 Creative Studios) We are like any typical family but with a heck of a lot of appointments. We have our ups and Downs. Which family doesn’t. It is our purpose and passion to advocate and empower those who have disabilities, which I like to call differently abled. Ranging from Heart Defects, Autism, mental health, down syndrome among many other conditions. We believe in inclusivity and empowerment for all. That is what 321 Creative Studios LLC is built upon.

That’s when we started an all- inclusive custom apparel shop.  So, we got a small team of manufacturers and our business license. We have started doing customized orders for customers individually and in bulk orders for events, fundraisers, small businesses and more. We also started selling shirts with a positive message. We absolutely loved it.

Being able to produce shirts that could raise awareness. Being able to design and produce shirts for good causes and good people.

We thank you for your business and we are excited to be using this new platform!

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How 321 Creative Studios LLC Began

We asked a friend to make us just a few shirts for mom and dad to wear to support their son. While he was in he hospital during his open heart surgery and recovery. some of our supporters and friends from our blog community  started reaching out to us to see if they could buy one of the shirts. So  we had our first   25-50 shirts were made. We made few different designs and with the help of a friend were able to produce them and send them out. That’s when we started thinking about selling as an all inclusive custom apparel and get a  small business license and a team of manufacturers/production. We started doing customized orders for friends and in bulk to Down  Syndrome community events and more for a while. However it was a lot of work with an infant who had a lot of medical needs and Jeffrey working a full time job. We absolutely loved being able to produce shirts that could raise awareness. Being able to design and produce shirts for good causes and people.


We decided to close the shop after we moved temporarily due to manufactures issues. When we got our own equipment and set up it was just a lot of work.. costly and took a lot of time. Stocking inventory ,designs, using a heat press and shipping. We couldn’t do it alone. It was only Bridget and Jeffrey running the shop along with our team of producers.

We have recently done alot of research because we knew this is what we always wanted to do. We were excited to find some new,timely,efficient,and quailty ways to start our business again! 

We would love any and all feedback as in where we can improve our services to best fit your needs!

Thank you for choosing 321 Creative Studios!